Thursday, 12 November 2015

The quick Cascade

Well, its been a while (again!). I've not been doing much sewing for most of this year because I'm pregnant and my unborn child has decided to make my life a misery! A few weeks ago, though, I got drenched on the school run and decided I needed a coat that would be good in the winter (the only coat of mine that will actually do up now is my Ziggi, which isn't great when its cold and raining) and I needed it finished for bonfire night so there wasn't time for a muslin or anything. It turned out really well though.

I've liked the idea of Grainline's Cascade duffle coat since Jen released it but didn't really think it was very me. At this point though, all I wanted was a coat I could do up and would give me some protection from the rain when I'm pushing a pram. The Cascade seemed ideal - it's not fitted, so there should be enough room for the bump and I can still wear it later in the winter so its not a waste of money (the main reason I wasn't going to buy a maternity coat, not even a cheap one off ebay).


I managed to pick up 3m of navy boiled wool from ebay for £25 and used some horse print fabric I bought last year at Abakhan for the lining. I made the stupid mistake of buying the wrong length zip but that's a minor detail.


Obviously there are fit issues with the coat but I'll have to wait until the baby arrives before I can figure out what needs adjusting other that that the sleeves are a little snug and need lengthening. That said, it has been one of those makes that I am really proud of and has been a winner with the family and Stuart thinks I should make some in different colours, which I'm taking as permission to spend a ludicrous amount of money on fabric - the wool I used for this coat is probably the best quality fabric I've worked with to date and it was a revelation!