Wednesday, 13 August 2014


It's been a weird few months - a loss of sewing motivation followed by a sudden burst of it that left me with no time or inclination to blog, then we moved last month. I'm still working on getting everything sorted and depsite what I had hoped for, my sewing space is looking to be the last thing that will be set up. It's been awesome though and we're all loving our new home. I've got a few things to share, starting with this beauty.

This pattern has been in my stash since April. It was one of those patterns that I loved on everyone else but wasn't convinced it was very 'me'. After my Flora revelation and getting my hands on some lovely cotton lawn, though, I decided to give it a go. So glad I did. I've been wearing it loads in the last couple of months because it is so easy and comfortable to wear without losing any glamour points. I took it on holiday to Wales thinking that it would be perfect for days on the beach or mooching around if the weather was nice, but my dad had us all walking up massive hills every day except our last one so I was mostly in jeans. At least I managed to get some photos that aren't taken in front of a brick wall for a change though!

I was too impatient to make a muslin first so winged it and fit isn't great but as long as I wear the right bra it's not too bad, I just need to make a few little tweaks. I have surprised myself by loving the thigh high split which I only really put in to see how much I would have to close it up before I felt ok wearing it. As it turns out I was perfectly happy walking down the street with an entire leg out despite a little niggle in my mind about flashing a bit too much. I did add a few stitches to it before a night out - a split that high plus alcohol probably wasn't going to go too well for me!