Friday, 24 January 2014

Quick catch up

There's not much to show for this week - I have been really busy sewing and thinking about sewing, but progress is slow. At Christmas I decided to give some of my family gift vouchers saying I would make them something of their choosing and gave each of them a specific month that I would do it in. January went to my sister, Helen, who asked for a coat. We decided on the Style Arc Romy jacket with some changes so I've been working on that this week and it's going alright so far.

When I've been having a break from sewing the jacket I've been attempting to crochet the yarn I got in my goody bag from the blogger meet. I've been following a series of youtube tutorials for left handed crochet and am starting to get the hang of making the chains. I tried starting single crochet today but need lots more practice with it to stop it becoming a big mess.

We had our first challenge for the Wardrobe Architect project and although lots of peole are sharing theirs, I feel like some of my answers are a bit personal and others are just plain boring so I won't be sharing mine but It has been good to think about why I wear what I wear and how it makes me feel. This weeks challenge was posted yesterday so I'll be doing that over the weekend.

And that's my week. Still not off the mark for the ready to wear fast but I suppose that's a good thing - if I'm not making anything, it means I'm not missing anything in my wardrobe and I'm not coveting anything in the shops. I'm quite proud of myself when I think about it like that. Give it a few months though when the weather starts warming up and I'll be stressing that I haven't got enough time to make everything I need!

Have a good weekend!


Friday, 17 January 2014

Creative and Craft blogger meet up

Gah, I'm really late with this week has raced by in a blur of family, tantrums, cleaning and dogs. It's probably my penance for having such a great day on Saturday.

While I've always liked the idea of meeting other bloggers, the majority meet ups I've heard of seem to be in London which isn't really practical for me (plus I've always been a bit too nervous to actually make me want to throw practicality out the window), but back in December I saw on twitter that a meet up was being planned for Nottingham. I was in!

So on Saturday morning I left Faith with her Granny and Grandad (not sure who was more excited!) and caught the train. I managed to find the Lace Market by myself but had to ask a lovely old man from a shop where to find the cafe we were meeting in. Luckily Hannah was outside when I got there so I didn't have to arrive alone. Wired cafe had given us the room downstairs and we all had a chat, timed our tea and gave in to the delicious food. From the moment everyone arrived it was non stop chat about blogging, making, kids and language.

(Photo courtesy of Kelly)

Daire showed us all the book she had created for the documented life project she is doing this year and in the process inpsired us all to give it a go, and to buy loads of washi tape. I have a bit of a head start - I got her gift in the craft swap; a sketch book and a pack of tape to make my own book!

Homecrafts UK had kindly given us each a goody bag, mine had this lovely lot in it:

I am currently attempting to crochet with the salvage yarn and am making small improvements but don't expect to get it done anytime soon, unless I cheat and ask my Gran to do it for me! Faith has already commandeered the fabric - on Sunday it was used as blankets for her teddies and she's decided she wants a skirt made out of it.

After Wired we headed to Cath Kidston where we drooled over their stock (one of these suitcases and these bags very nearly came home with me), were talked through the design process and shown the new look book consisting of 72 designs. I also discovered Cath Kidston is a real person - for some reason I assumed it was just a brand name! Have a look at Kelly's post for more about Cath Kidston.

(Photo courtesy of Sam)

Finally, we went to a jewellry making demonstration at The Bead Shop where we each made a pair of earrings. The most jewellry making I had ever done was threading a few beads on some string, so it was really nice to learn how to make a loop with wire to make a 'proper' looking pair of earrings. I'm really proud of mine and have worn them a few times this week.

(Photo courtesy of Sam)

It was a brilliant afternoon, planned to perfection by Sam and Kat and despite my little wobble the night before, I was so glad I went; I met some lovely bloggers (Sam, Kat, Hannah, Amy, Marie, Kelly and Daire - their blogs are well worth a look), had the best banana bread I've ever tasted and came away buzzing with inspiration.

(Photo courtesy of Sam)

Thank you for a wonderful day ladies, can't wait for the next one.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lazy day pyjamas

When I went fabric shopping for my star print wrap dress I bought this brushed cotton to make some pyjamas for Faith with. I used the Lazy Day pyjama pattern by Blank Slate Patterns but didn't quite have enough fabric so I made the bottoms into shorts and left out the cuffs. I think I've turned a corner with my sewing for her, these are the third or fourth things I've made her that she hasn't had to be persuaded to try on. She loves them and was very excited about going to bed in them tonight!

I should have serged the seams but that would mean changing the thread on the overlocker and to do that I would have to dig the tweezers out from behind my desk where there may be spiders lurking (I'll get Stuart to fish them out for me later). Instead, I did faux french seams except around the armholes which I zig zagged and pinked.

Faith chose the buttons and insisted on pink ones, I tried to pesuade her to have yellow or cream ones but she wasn't having any of it.

The only thing that bugs me is that the fabric has 'Pooh' written all over it but someone thought it would be a good idea to do the 'h' yellow (on top of a yellowy background) so it looks as though it says 'poo'!


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Last make of 2013

After doing some sewing for Christmas, I really needed to do something for myself so I dragged Stuart and Faith to the fabric shop not knowing what I wanted to make. The minute I laid eyes on this viscose jersey I knew it was going to be a wrap dress so I trawled through Etsy and found this pattern from Mind, Body and Sew. (Edit: link changed to their new website)

It went together so easily; I almost had it finished in one night, but then my twin needle decided to misbehave and try out some pintucks. At 11 o'clock at night I wasn't prepared to argue with it so in the morning the awesome sewcialists came to my rescue on twitter and with a bit of interfacing the channelling wasn't so bad.

I wore it on a night out with the family the other night and didn't have any wardrobe malfunctions (something I always worry about after flashing the tv man while wearing one!). I say this a lot, but I really do intend to make some more of these.