Sunday, 27 October 2013

Faith's four!!

Faith turned four and had her first party today. We took her and some friends to soft play and although it was a bit weird and there were tears (luckily not Faith's), it was a lovely day. Faith had a great time and was very happy with her mass of gifts!

I made the usual birthday dress for her, this time it was view A of New Look 6202 in a fairy fabric she had her eye on. I was a bit nervous about making it without her knowing - the only measurements I had to go on were ones Stuart had taken - but it fit her beautifully and she was (thankfully) delighted with her new dress.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for the coat I made her too. It was a bit tight and the sleeves were half way up her arms but I've got plenty of fabric left so I'll make her a bigger one. It just a shame that its the first thing I've made that Stuart has instantly loved and used adjectives other than 'nice' for!

Can't believe I now have a four year old. That's just weird!

Then and now...



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