Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween rush

When your daughter is invited to her first halloween party, there is only one thing to do - wait until the last minute then frantically make a pumpkin costume the day of said party.

I knew the minute Stuart said she was invited that I would be making her costume and I had seen a pumpkin tutu dress the week before (not sure where). I wanted Faith's to be pumpkin shaped though and ended up making two tutus, attaching them together (with the elastic at the top and bottom of the tube) with some jersey I had in the stash and sewing a couple of layers of netting over them both to keep the shape.

She was very happy with it and had a lovely time at the party.


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Faith's four!!

Faith turned four and had her first party today. We took her and some friends to soft play and although it was a bit weird and there were tears (luckily not Faith's), it was a lovely day. Faith had a great time and was very happy with her mass of gifts!

I made the usual birthday dress for her, this time it was view A of New Look 6202 in a fairy fabric she had her eye on. I was a bit nervous about making it without her knowing - the only measurements I had to go on were ones Stuart had taken - but it fit her beautifully and she was (thankfully) delighted with her new dress.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for the coat I made her too. It was a bit tight and the sleeves were half way up her arms but I've got plenty of fabric left so I'll make her a bigger one. It just a shame that its the first thing I've made that Stuart has instantly loved and used adjectives other than 'nice' for!

Can't believe I now have a four year old. That's just weird!

Then and now...



Friday, 25 October 2013

Quietly busy, and another Renfrew!

Despite it being almost two months since my last post I haven't got much to share, yet.

I got my two assignments sent off then started madly sewing away at aprons and scarves to sell at a WI sale my Gran decided I would have a table at. Unfortunately there weren't many people there but I still managed to sell some and Mum sold the rest at work!

Since then I've been making Faith a couple of things for her birthday at the weekend, I've started a muslin for an Elisalex dress and have been making three Renfrews, two of which are waiting to be finished.

So, this is the first of them. I made the round neck version but decided not to add the bands. Other than that its a straightforward version of it. The fabric is from my trip to Abakhan in the summer.

Not much else to report, except you can now follow me using the buttons on the right.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Faithisms #13

"How low has it been since fairy girl will a boy like me"

Sung with perfect timing. Think I've been listening to The View a bit too much lately!