Sunday, 14 July 2013

Birthday cardigan

It was my Mum's birthday at the end of June and I had promised her some cushions for her garden seats but, well, that's boring and I didn't have much money. I did however come across some cheap knit fabric in the local shop that I thought was very Mum and I had bought the Burdastyle plus size special magazine earlier in the year which had a very Mum cardigan. Perfect. And it only took me a night to make.

I'm very happy to say I got it right - she loved it! She won't, however, love me for putting this photo on here (no make up) but I was in a rush to take pictures so tough!

Faithisms #11

Did you fart?

"No, my bum laughed!"

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Minoru II

I have to apologise for the formatting on this post and probably the next few posts of mine - the laptop is knackered so I`m publishing posts from my ipad but can`t format hem, hence the clump of photos at the bottom of the post and no links.  While I`m thinking about it, does anyone know of any decent apps for blogging?


While I love my first Minoru dearly and still wear it all the time, there is one thing about it that I don't love - it is very un-waterproof.  Not a problem most of the time but I live in England and was going to a gig in Scotland, the land the sun forgot!

I needed a waterproof, gig suitable, summery coat and it was a no-brainer, it had to be a Minoru -- cool, light, easy to make, with a hood.  Perfect.  So i spent the week before going up there making myself a new coat.

I am more in love with this one than the first.  

I did make some changes:

Went down to a size 4.  The first one feels a bit too big and I didn't think I'd be needing to add layers underneath so didn't need so much room (as it turns out I wore Stuart's assive hoody under it and it was ok)

Pockets.  I find it frustrating not havi ey to access pockets on my other coat.  The insideckets are great for keeping my phone and a bit of change in but I do miss being able to shove my hands in my pockets so I added a couple on my new coat.  With the gig in mind I did zipped pockets to keep everything safe, and because I couldn't find zips that exactly matched the fabric I added flaps(?) over them to hide the zips and for a bit of added security.  Because of the lining I didn't do the inside pockets.

The fabric.  I found some waterproof polycotton on and went for bright orange mesh for the lining.  When they arrived though I realised you could see the mesh through the polycotton but luckily I had a load of white jersey I hadn't got round to using yet so I put that to use as an underlining for the mesh.  It mostly did the trick, you can still see an orange glow in some light but that's ok.

The hood.  The hood on my first coat stays out all the time, I find the collar too bulky if I zip it in, so on this one I didn't bother with the zip and just sewed the hood on alongside the collar.

Main zip.  Again, the zip didn't quite match the fabric and it was a bit of a non-descript zip anyway so I bought some poppers and made a placket.  I doubled the placket pattern piece but forgot to remove one of the seam allowances so had to take it in a bit, but it's not a mistake - it's a design feature (am I convincing anyone?!).  The poppers were a pain to start with but once I got the knack of it they went in alright, although I have to remember not to do them at night - the hammering woke Faith up!

I did the topstitching in fluorescent orange to match the lining and I just had a bit of elastic at the back rather than bringing it right round to the front f the coat.

The only thing bugs me about this version is the sleeves, they're a bit shorter than I like.  Saying that though, it hasn't really bothered me so far.

I was going to write about the gig here too but I've waffled on a bit so I'll do a (very) quick post about it later.