Monday, 27 May 2013

Wibbly wobbly tree Clovers

"What do you think of Mummy's trousers?"

"Not good."

"What don't you like about them?"

"They're all wibbly wobbly with trees inside."

Fair point.

I recently got my first pair of skinny jeans and fell in love with them and when you love something why not make it yourself, right?  Wrong.  

After lots of searching for other peoples' versions of them and convincing myself that they would look alright, I bought the Clover pattern and some fabric from eBay.  I was a bit surprised when the fabric arrived because I had thought the print was a bit smaller and more subtle from the photo but I still liked it (even if Faith doesn't agree). 

I didn't have any suitable fabric to make a muslin with so I just used some cotton to get the general fit.  I took the legs in A LOT, maybe a bit too much towards the bottom.  Then I started making them up in my fabric, thinking that it would be a good wearable muslin because let's face it, the chances of me wearing printed trousers in public are pretty slim.  I would love to but don't have the confidence to pull it off.

The trousers went together really easily and would be great if I hadn't done the size that the pattern said I needed.  I think the fabric had a bit more stretch than perhaps is needed for the pattern - I look like a Weight Watchers advert in them!

Next time I'll try making them a couple of sizes smaller, and I'll try and get the zip right - it was the first zip I have put on with my newly acquired invisible zip foot and the sewing bit wasn't a problem, I was.  I don't have a problem telling my left from my right, except while I'm sewing something.  I was sure I had the zip on the left but it turns out it wasn't so I had to redo my facing to match.

Anyway, they're comfy and rather than being stuck on the turned-out-crap pile, they are now my first slobbing around the house trousers.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Me Made May Week 4

Another not so great week for photos but only 3 repeats and no days where I just fell back on the Minoru as my me made item:

Day 20 - I wore a t-shirt I made a while ago (no photo)

Day 21 - second wear of my purple Renfrew (no photo)

Day 22 - wore my spotty skirt (cut off at the knees)

Day 23 - Mission Maxi (repeat)

Day 24 - house trousers (no photo and not blogged yet)

Day 25 - green dress

Day 26 - black yoga skirt (repeat)

I thought that this week was going to be really difficult having already worn most of my tops twice but it wasn't so bad - it helped that I had a couple of days when I didn't really have to leave the house so could wear things I never normally would.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Me Made May Week 3

Well, I'm over halfway through the month and it is getting tough.  I think I have won most of my me made clothes once now so we're onto repeats and getting photos done is getting much harder.

Day 13
I had another bad day today - the only me made thing I wore was my Minoru.  I spent the day running to and from nursery, doing circuit training and writing an assignment

Day 14
I wore my second Cambie today

Day 15
I wore my red and gray Morticia skirt which I slit to make it easier to move in

Day 16
Second outing for the white and blue Renfrew

Day 17
I wore my elephant Alma for the second time (no photo)

Day 18
The stripy Cambie got its second outing

Day 19
And finally, today I wore my first Alma for the last time this month

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Another Alma blouse

On another illicit trip to the fabric shop I picked up some very un-me fabric.  Before I show you it, I just want to make clear that I actually did pretty well - I walked past the owl print georgette and the weird black and white photo jersey with 1940s women on it and just bought some elephant print stuff.

I knew that I had to make something with it that night or it would end up in the box of doom where all the unused fabrics I buy end up for all eternity, and I knew that it had to be an Alma blouse.

I did the same neckline as the first one but used the slightly longer sleeves and didn't take the darts in quite so much but I think I should have taken them in a bit more because its a bit too loose for my liking and I think it makes me look like a bit of an elephant.  That said though, I do like it.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

MMMay'13 Week 2

Another week has passed and I am really struggling now - I don't really want to start wearing things for the second time until I have gone through them all first and I'm at the point where I'm left with the things I don't particularly want to wear/are inappropriate for the weather/I can't run round after Faith in.

Nevertheless, I have managed this week, although I did have my first can't-be-arsed-with-this day but still managed to wear something me made.

Day 6

Spent the day studying in Mum's garden wearing my first Cambie

Day 7

The first Renfrew and a dodgy selfie.  Stuart went to work without taking my photo - how selfish is that?!

Day 8

My elephant print Alma blouse (will blog when I've got the pictures on the computer)

Day 9

My purple cowl neck Renfrew

Day 10

Couldn't be bothered with it today and failed outfitwise, but did wear my Minoru jacket while I was out, so not a complete fail but no photo

Day 11

Still wasn't really feeling me made today, stuck with my jeans and the stripey Renfrew.  No photo.

Day 12

I'm wearing my Vogue 8317 skirt today - the first thing I ever made.

'Scuse the crappy iPad photos, its the easiest way to get photos done and uploaded to the Flickr pool each day.

Even though I struggled a bit this week, I am still enjoying it and am realising where the gaps in my wardrobe are.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Faithisms #13

"Everybody, no blows"

She spotted the no smoking sign on the bus and announced it to everyone!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Me Made May 13 Week 1

The first week of the challenge is done and I am loving it so far.  It's great being able to have a nosey at what everyone else is wearing and to get ideas of what to make and how to wear things.  I've also had some really lovely comments about my outfits which is really nice - it's always better when a complete stranger gives you a compliment than when your friends/family do isn't it?

So these are the outfits from the first five days:

Day 1
The Alma blouse (after wearing this today I have made myself another)

Day 2

I wore a black yoga skirt.  I'm getting better at these - there wasn't a Morticia shuffle in sight!

Day 3

I wore my latest Renfrew for Theme Friday which this week was water.  We wandered down by the river after fetching Faith from nursery and got some strange looks off passersby.

Day 4

Not such a good day.  I wore my Thurlows and realised that they look horrendous.  My legs look really short and as someone pointed out, my crotch looks really long.  I might take them apart and try again.  Or I might just throw them in the back of the wardrobe only to be worn in emergency situations (like 'shit, I have to go to the shop but I haven't done any washing for 2 months, better get the Thurlows out')

Day 5
I wore my Mission Maxi.  I really need to make more of these.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Renfrew III

I put this top on this morning and realised I hadn't actually blogged about it since I made it a few weeks ago so here goes.

It's my third Renfrew (I now have one of each neckline option).  I think that if I hadn't have made this in one of my 'got to make something' moods it would definitely be my favourite.  I live in jersey tops most of the time, and I have a bit of a thing for stripes so when I saw this fabric in Boyes of all places I had to have it.

Unfortunately my 'got to make something' mood kicked in around 10 o'clock one night after a lot of studying so I was already pretty worn out, and the overlocker wasn't playing fair again - for some reason it doesn't like me putting the left needle in and ends up catching the thread through the right needle stitch making a double loop on he back of the fabric if that makes sense.  Anyway, I've now worked out how to sort it out (I think) but that night I wasn't in the mood to be messing round and getting frustrated with it so I just whipped it out and wizzed through the construction with a 3 thread overlock.  'Wizz' being the operative word.  I didn't read the instruction for the neckband and messed it up, as well as catching part of the front piece in with it.  Doh!

It's annoying, but nothing that will put me off wearing it.  I'm actually pretty impressed with the top as a whole.  Yes it has fit issues, but look at the stripes - they match pretty well don't they?  Not bad considering the frantic rush I was cutting and sewing in.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

MMMay'13 Day 1

Something remarkable happened when I woke up this morning - I actually did my hair, put some make up on and made an effort with my outfit (sort of).  Normally I drag myself out of bed when I hear Faith making her way downstairs and stay in whatever was the first thing I picked up from the floor until I have to go out somewhere.

What brought about this incident?  Well Me Made May of course.  I was going to make a real effort today in celebration of the start of the challenge but Stuart tried to kill me on Monday with his idea of an easy circuit training session and I'm still hobbling around like an old lady so heels were not going to happen today.  Instead I'm wearing my Alma blouse which I haven't actually worn since I took the pictures for my blog post.