Saturday, 28 July 2012


You know those days where you just don't get a thing done, despite constantly doing stuff?  Well this is one of those weeks.

I set myself a challenge to use up all the fabric I have stashed around the house and am determined that I will use some of it to make clothes for Faith and I for our holiday in 5 weeks (yay!).  Well, when I've tried to sit down and get things started I've been distracted by having to sort out meal plans for the bloke's low carb diet for his upcoming fight, I've pinted patterns that I just can't get to fit together properly.  Last night I gave up and just cut the pattern paper (something I hate doing) but then realised that the two fabrics I had planned to use don't quite match.  Gave up on that and started planning a playsuit for Faith but remembered that for once I had actually put all the washing away straight away and hadn't got any of her clothes downstairs to use as templates, decided to practice some smocking instead and lo and behold I don't have any needles big enough for the elastic thread to go through!

I felt so frustrated and disappointed that I actually watched TOWIE to make me feel a bit better.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching bad TV - Four Weddings, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Jeremy Kyle - but my word that programme takes the biscuit, absolutely terrible.  Definitely had the desired effect though!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer time!

The past few days have mostly been spent celebrating the long awaited arrival of summer.

Faith and I have literally set up camp in my Mum's back garden and have sat out their for two days solid.

While Faith has been playing, I have been scouring the internet and printing and bookmarking patterns and tutorials for skirts, tops and dresses I can make for our holiday.

After sorting through (and adding to) the copious amount of fabrics I have stashed under the bed and in the kitchen, I have set myself a challenge to use up all the fabric I have by the end of the year.  There is a lot of summery cottons and jersey that I want to use for holiday clothes, so I need to get started on it this week, which means that there should be plenty of sewing posts popping up over the next few weeks.  I'm really looking forward to it - I've not done any 'proper' sewing for so long.

Friday, 13 July 2012


I've recently joined pinterest and despite my early misgivings about the whole thing (why would you want to share everything you like with everyone else?), I am now completely obsessed.

I have gone completely overboard repinning everything I vaguely like and having been on for just a matter of weeks, I am the proud owner of 13 boards, 227 pins and 82 likes, and I have acquired 2 followers in the past couple of days!

Is it really sad that I could spent all day on that website given half a chance, and that I get a ridiculous sense of pride when someone repins one of my pins?!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Zzzz hehehe zzzz

We had a lovely afternoon with my Gran today.  Faith was on form the moment we got there, running inside to say hello then immediately proceeding to dance and spin and insist on playing football with Gran.
Her new ritual is to turn the rug over then fold herself and her toys up in it and pretend to sleep.  Of course she can't help giggling between snores!

Monday, 9 July 2012

The week that was

Its been pretty quiet here this week - we've just been hanging around playing, walking and shopping.  We did do some 'bakings' as she calls it.  I have to admit, I usually cheat and just buy a pack of cake mix - its much easier and less stressful than trying to get Faith to either wait while I measure ingredients or help me with it, anyway I am most definitely not Nigella Lawson so at least with a mix I stand a chance of baking something edible!

(Oh and don't tell anyone, but of the 12 cakes we made, 10 were scoffed by me.  I'm such a pig, but they were lovely!)

Monday, 2 July 2012

This is the one, this is the one...

I went to see the Stone Roses at Heaton Park with the bloke yesterday, it was AWESOME!

We got to Manchester at half 9, queued from 12, gates opened at 3 and we got to the stage straight away and stayed there, in the centre, until 10.  The bloke was shocked I lasted so long - it was my first concert and when the roses came on there was a massive surge of people trying to get as close as possible.  After a while though the awesomeness of being so packed in wears off and turns into pain so we got out ( I was pretty impressed by the bloke - in spite of the crush, he somehow managed to push people back to clear a space for me to get out!) and went to have a more civilised time dancing and just enjoying the last hour rather than having to try as hard as possible to keep your spot, stay standing and find a tiny bit of space to breath. 

How many people can say their first concert was a Roses one? 

So, at my first concert I:

  • Was centre front for most of it
  • Was nearly the cause of a fight (some bloke grabbed my bum - Stuart was NOT happy)
  • Danced sober without caring about people looking (another first)

The whole day was incredible, I just wish I could have lasted the whole set in the mosh pit

Now I've just got to plan the next gig...