Friday, 29 June 2012

Chasing birds and collecting gravel

What is it about toddlers? I took Faith out this afternoon to the local nature reserve for lunch and a walk. While we were walking she kept stopping to pick gravel up off the path and show it to me.  Admittedly, as far as gravel goes, it was pretty and sparkled when the light hit it, but do we really need to put handfuls of the stuff in my bag to show daddy?!

When she was bored of the gravel she noticed to two birds that hand been walking on the path a little ahead of us for a few minutes.  As soon as she saw them she just had to Chase them.  She did this a few times during the walk.

Then we went to a park and the gravel investigation began again only this time she enlisted the services of another little boy to help her in her quest. It was so cute to watch them follow each other around, and when they had finished playing together he ran across the park to give me more gravel! So generous!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Singing in the rain...

It was really muggy this morning in an its-going-to-thunder way and I had to go into town so I put jackets for me and Faith in the bottom of the pushchair and set off.

There are three things wrong with this:

1. I put Faith's fleece jacket in

2. I put my Minoru jacket in (why oh why did it not occur to me that it would probably be more practical for a British summer to buy WATERPROOF FABRIC?!)

3. The only shoes I own, with the exception of the wellies permanently resident in the boot of the car, are ballet pumps.

It started spitting as we got into town and by the time we left the last shop it was pouring.  What would normally be a 15 minute walk took about 45.  Faith insisted on walking herself and despite my initial exasperation, it turned out to be the best walk in the rain I've had.

Faith always loves jumping in puddles, but we've never been in the rain like this before and she was in her element.  It was difficult to get pictures of her because of the rain and the fact that she was running, jumping, dancing and spinning all over the place, but believe me when I say that the smile on her face and her peels of laughter would make even the most soaked, exasperated, inappropriately-dressed-for-the-weather mum feel like a child again.  I didn't even care about the funny looks we were getting from people in passing cars (probably thinking we were mad or that I must be a terrible mother letting my toddler walk in the rain!), and that says a lot because I have been known to care far too much about what people think.

Anyway, just wanted to share my perfect rainy day stroll.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fabric + markers + toddler = one very happy Nana

It was mums birthday today so I spent last night making a bag for her iPad.  She's a teacher and has to carry it around with her at school so she asked for it to have pockets for her notebooks and pens, and this is what it looks like:

I bought some white cotton and fabric markers and let Faith run wild with it.  Mum was delighted!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Step back in time

This is my latest make.  Mum dragged the bloke and I to a 1940s night with her friends.  I have spent the week furiously stitching this spotty top and matching headband (which she didn't wear) from a pattern from Mrs Depew.  The pattern calls for bias binding around the edges, but I like the look of the darker piping, and its not bad for a first attempt at it if I do say so myself!

I finally got it finished at 3 o'clock on Saturday (3 hours before we had to leave). I just wish she would let me fit it properly - she insists on having clothing a bit baggy.

I went in a top my gran knitted in the 40s and my skirt is the first thing I sewed (never sure if that's the right word, it just looks and sounds wrong!).  I hink I probably looked in the mirror more times that night than in the rest of my life put together (me, exagerate? Never!).  I had horrible visions of red lipstic smeared all o ver my face and I'm pretty sure the bloke was getting a wee bit annoyed with my constant requests of "lipstick check".

It was nice to get dressed up and it was a great night for people watching, and had the most non-comedian I have ever seen - honestly, I was expecting the tumbleweed to actually roll past at any minute!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

All done!

I pressed the button last night after a VERY long week of doing my final assignment for my Open University course.  Now I just have to wait a month or two to find out how I did.  Its such a relief that its finally over - I've enjoyed the subject, just not the tutor!

"Peas may I haf cbeebieeees?"

Faith decided that Nana needed to sit and watch Justin's House with her - Nana was not impressed!