Monday, 25 April 2011

Sun hat

Well, I had a bit of a nightmare this week so I didn't get round to doing my purse, but after 2 failed attempts at a pattern for Faith's sun hat, I gave up and used this pattern from Me Sew Crazy.  I still managed to mess up the first attempt, but this one turned out better:

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy easter

Hope you've all had a good easter.  We spent the day in the park with Stuart's brother.  Faith had her first ice-cream (of her own).  I pretty impressed that she came away with just a bit of ice-cream on her chin - obviously takes after her mother not wanting to waste ice-cream!


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Last week was a terrible sewing week.  I walked past my sewing machine every evening and thought about getting it out to do something, but I couldn't get myself motivated.  This week though, I am trying to make up for it.  It took until last night for me to get the machine out, but I have made patterns for a hat for Faith and a purse, just need to choose the fabrics and get them sewn. 

I am also taking part in Miss P's top draftalong which started this week.  I realised that I haven't sewn any clothes for myself since before I was pregnant so thought that would be a good place to start.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I have been sticking to my one-project-a-week thing, but I lost my camera charger so couldn't take any photos until now.

Week 1

I used the giraffe fabric I got from York but thought it might be a bit to much giraffe so I made a pocket to look like one of the letter blocks also on the fabric.  I think it turned out pretty well but the pattern needs a bit of tweaking.

Week 2
This is the best photo I have at the minute - I haven't managed to pin Faith down for a photo in it yet.
It's the same pattern as the giraffe print, but I made a few changes and did bound buttonholes.  I'm still trying to decide whether it needs a pocket or not.
Don't know what my obsession with pockets is - it's not like Faith needs them!

Sunny days

We had a great weekend in Swindon meeting some of Dad's family

It was another warm day today so Helen and I took Faith to Whisby Nature Park.  For some reason she's attracted to nettles, we had to keep steering her away from them.