Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm rubbish at this whole blogging thing and after a long and confusing conversation with Stuart about why I don't post much and why I don't make much (or finish things that I start), I am setting myself a challenge:  one project a week for the rest of the year.

Hopefully that will help me get used to actually posting on here and not feeling completely inferior and stop caring about what people think so much.

In other news, I lost Faith today while she was banging about in the kitchen.  I was finishing a few things in the living room and when I went into the kitchen I couldn't see her anywhere.  I started panicking a bit before realising that she was playing hide and seek in her kitchen - I didn't know she could fit in the cupboard!

And I managed to get a nice photo of both of us

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Viruses and travels

Not been able to get on the computer for a while because of stupid computer viruses.  Hopefully all been sorted now though.

I suppose there should be plenty to update.  Can't think of much though, so...

First things first, it felt very spring-like last week so we took Faith outside and chucked her about a bit:

Her new obsession is stacking anything she can get her hands on at any opportunity, including my shopping and Stuart's beer!

Spent last weekend in Scotland visiting Stuart's mum and sister.  Faith went into the garden with Nana Jo to pick snowdrops for me

This is the fabric I got in York, not sure what I'm doing with most of it yet but I've started a dress for Faith with the plain and butterfly pink.